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Elder Kings Mod

Elder Kings is a total conversion modification for Crusader Kings II that blends the real-time grand strategy gameplay of CKII with the lore of The Elder Scrolls franchise.

Beginning in the turbulent Second Era, Elder Kings allows you take control of one of hundreds of rulers from all across Nirn and lead your chosen dynasty through history. Build realms that can span the breadth of vibrant Tamriel, enigmatic Akavir, frozen Atmora and rocky Yokuda. Conduct diplomacy to establish marriages, friendships, romantic partnerships, inheritances and alliances. Serve the Aedra, the Daedra, or the other mysterious forces that control the fabric of Mundus. Raise indomitable armies to conquer all in your path, or guard all that you hold dear.

Will your family line become just another footnote for the lore pages, or will you be able to create a lasting house of rulers to surpass even the mighty Septim Dynasty?